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Missing NY

I’ve been in Bogotá, Colombia with work for the last 9 days. I’ve done just over half my visit here. And today I started missing New York for the first time.

And I’m starting to feel tense here. I haven’t had enough time to myself. It’s tough being around people almost constantly, however nice they are.

I leave here next Saturday, to Ecuador for four days, for fun, by myself. I have a few ideas, but nothing planned yet. I’m really, really looking forward to it. I’d be happy to spend those four days not speaking to a single motherfucking person.


I’m in Colombia at the moment, with work. It’s a proper business trip. I can pretty much expense most stuff I do - all lunch, all dinners, taxi fares, etc. Not breakfast, but only because it’s free in the hotel.

It’s tough being so introverted though. I’m here to help out the new team we have here get good at what they do, which means they’re asking me a ton of questions. Thursday and Friday a few other people from my original team were here and had been here for two weeks, so they got asked most of the questions. But on Saturday I was there on my own, so all questions came my way. It’s exhausting.

And last night someone else from the original team (from the UK) arrived, so it’s me and her for the next two weeks, both being asked questions and dealing with people we don’t know very well. And I’ll have breakfast, lunch and dinner with her every day, and as neither of us were working today, we did some touristy stuff. I’m not going to get much time to myself, like, hardly any.

But so far it’s gone great. The people from my original team are all great - I haven’t seen them since I moved to New York - and the person here with me now is probably the best “travel buddy” I’d pick on the team, and she speaks pretty great Spanish. She’s the kind of person who wants to go out and see stuff, even in the mornings before we go to work (we start at 1pm every day).

Strangely, I haven’t been that anxious here. When I went to the office on my own on Saturday I was pretty anxious, but now that the team here know me, I’m reasonably comfortable. And I’m not expected to be their friend, just the person helping them out for two weeks, so there’s no pressure to be liked, particularly. 

And back in the UK, when I was working with the original team all day every day, I was actually anxious quite a lot of the time. Being so close to lots of people all the time I guess. But I’ve been having some really great conversation with the person here from the UK at the moment, because it’s just us one-on-one over dinner/lunch/exploring the city. I can handle people fairly well like that, especially as she’s extroverted and talkative.

Date Night

Terrible movie.

But my date from Friday night went amazingly well. I’ve barely stopped thinking about her since. I made her laugh (yay mocking religion and self-deprecation!) and I felt generally really comfortable around her.

I think she really likes me too - she said most of her dates don’t last as long as ours did: we had a coffee, got a quick dinner and ate in the park, then went for a drink with some of her friends.

We’re going out for dinner again on Tuesday; she knows a nice Ethiopian place, so we’re going with that. Second dates I always find harder because there always feels like less to talk about. I really hope it goes well though.

Then I’m going to Colombia and Ecuador for 3 weeks from Wednesday.

That last text post I was supposed to send hours ago, but apparently didn’t. Oops.

The date went incredibly well.


Got a date after work today (in 30 mins). Not looking forward to it, but I grabbed a beer out of one of our office fridges. Hopefully that’ll help.

I love my company.

NY Subway Terrorist Plot

So, apparently someone has uncovered evidence of a terrorist plot against New York’s subway system. I read it. Dismissed it.

Housemate finds out about it and immediately says, being serious, “tomorrow I’m buying a bus pass.” Other housemate finds out and says “I’ll call my mom [in upstate NY] right now.”

This kind of terrorist attack ACTUALLY happened in London and everyone used the same damn subway the next day, probably complaining about delays.

This feels like the biggest difference I’ve noticed between Americans and us Brits.

You are truly inspirational and very brave for overcoming such an annoying illness. Teach me your ways!

1. Have a sense of humor about it.
2. Look for little wins.
3. Find a big stick to make you feel like a king.


I’ve been in New York three months now and I should probably write a letter to my grandparents , and probably my aunt and uncle too. But I have no idea what to write.

Dear Grandma,

New York is great. I love it here and never want to come home.


That doesn’t really seem appropriate.





This week has been amazing. I stuck to everything I said I was going to do.

1. No sodas. I did have a peanut butter ice cream shake, which was obviously hideously sugary, but I’ll let that slide.

2. No pasta. I didn’t eat at home at all, so that was easy.

3. No greasy foods. I had several slices of pizza, but on the whole I did okay with this.

4. Socializing every day. Passed with flying colors. Whether it was a bar and a diner, a team meal at work, or all day at the Brooklyn Book Festival today, I totally did this.

And I feel great. I’m not going to promise myself this again for next week, but I’ll try and keep it up. Great for my overall well-being.