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This week has been amazing. I stuck to everything I said I was going to do.

1. No sodas. I did have a peanut butter ice cream shake, which was obviously hideously sugary, but I’ll let that slide.

2. No pasta. I didn’t eat at home at all, so that was easy.

3. No greasy foods. I had several slices of pizza, but on the whole I did okay with this.

4. Socializing every day. Passed with flying colors. Whether it was a bar and a diner, a team meal at work, or all day at the Brooklyn Book Festival today, I totally did this.

And I feel great. I’m not going to promise myself this again for next week, but I’ll try and keep it up. Great for my overall well-being.

Team Dinner

Had a team dinner today. I was only invited last minute and the pre-drinks/apertif phase was me as normal — not really saying anything, even though I was basically in the middle of the table.

Then we went to a different place for the actual dinner and I sat next to people I liked and actually got involved in the conversation and made someone I barely know laugh out loud. Win.

Then I went with a couple other people afterwards to get an extra beer and I think I talked more than anyone. Double win.

I had four beers, guacamole, a fancy swordfish dinner, a piece of cherry pie for dessert, and paid for zero. Triple win.

Blind Pilot - One Red Thread
419 plays

One Red Thread - Blind Pilot
I have to say there was a mile or two
I had the itch to fly and I flew
Now at best we would make our dreams
With something used

Blind Pilot - Poor Boy
979 plays

Poor Boy - Blind Pilot
Think back a year, when everything stood at the surface
Bandage your cuts cause you don’t know what swims underneath

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10.26 | blind pilot | the story i heard

one of these mornings
we’ll be the loudest you hear
you’ll write a story with firecracker paper
and disappear, you disappear

Totally in love with this band at the moment.

It’s not hard to live like a ghost
I just haunt all that I’ve wanted
And leave what I don’t
I dreamt a trail up to the sky
And my brothers built propellers
Just to see how far they’d fly

So hold high have faith your reasons
(Or you’ll never get on)
Your flashing sparrows chasing with them
Don’t you forget you come from nothing
(Or you’ll never get on)
That wind is calling my name
I won’t wait or I’ll never get on

I promised myself several things this week.

1. I promised I’d do some social “practice” every day, i.e. something where I have to interact with someone else. Yesterday was Montauk, which was a lot of social stuff, today I went to a bookshop and actually bought some books. Tomorrow I think I’m going to a diner. Etc.

2. For the nights I eat at home, I’m not allowed to cook pasta. Because I always cook pasta. Literally every time I’ve cooked for myself since I got to NY I’ve cooked pasta.

3. No soda or obviously sugary drinks. I’m allowed water and OJ. I did have a Red Bull today but that was only because I only got to bed at 5am last night and was up at 7am for work. I was exhausted.

4. No greasy, fatty or otherwise unhealthy foods. No crisps/chips, no Philly cheesesteaks, no desserts. But this is within reason.

I’m two days in and I’m feeling pretty great. More confident, less anxious, more comfortable. So far so good.


Went to Montauk for the day yesterday. It was, er, unusual. I took the train there, but once I got there, I realized it’s not a very friendly place for people who don’t have cars. But I ended up being randomly offered rides by first a guy called Matt, then two women from Brooklyn.

Being thrown into social encounters like that is great for me. Not big groups of people and not encounters that I end up wildly overthinking before they happen. I even managed to joke with the two women that if I was a serial killer, there was two of them and only one of me.